Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too cool for school, the trilogy

The sins of the father will be visited upon the son, so they can take one car to the unemployment line.

I’m giving failing grades to The Nexus ( student newspaper for Camosun College in Victoria, B.C., for using its website to encourage readers to pick up the print edition. Thanks Nexus, you just set us back 15 years.

The online product cannot be held back in favour of print. If you’re turning out a generation of journalists who don’t know that, we’re going to get further behind instead of embracing digital journalism.

The Other Press (www.theotherpress) for B.C.’s Douglas College students is among the Canadian University Press student papers, and I’m expelling it for using CUP copy to fill its website instead of gathering local content.

Student newspapers are a different animal. I appreciate their websites and social media accounts in some cases haven’t been updated since the spring. For the few that stripped the content off their sites and left empty templates during the summer, that’s your choice. I would create a template showing the best of the past year’s content and use the site to tout the program.

Let’s end this on a high note.

Best mottos:
“Hearsay and rumour since 1875” — The Argosy ( Mount Allison University student paper in New Brunswick.
“Pushing buttons since 1968” — The Capilano Courier ( student paper for Capilano College in Vancouver.

Class dismissed.

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