Monday, September 7, 2009

Pull up a lawn chair

Labour Day. It’s a national holiday in Canada. You can tell by the lack of fresh content on some mainstream newspaper websites.

Even journalists need a break, but the trick is planning so we’re not suddenly looking at an empty website and wondering how to fill it. The knee jerk reaction is to reach for wire copy. I say there’s a better way.

I started this blog a week ago. I’ve posted daily, even on a Sunday, yet I haven’t been writing every day. How is that possible! (You can’t see sarcasm in print.) I planned ahead. Blogs were written in advance. If something timely comes up, I’ll slip that in. I’m flexible.

Last week, I created a three-part blog that I’ll start posting tomorrow about the best and worst of Canadian online student newspapers.

I’ve read that blogs usually die after six months, so I have a long way to go to beat those odds. I love what I do and I plan ahead, and that seems to be absent in too many Canadian online newspapers.

The Hyper Journalist



  1. Didn't come to our site, apparently. Fresh all day including a live blog of a Blue Bomber game.


  2. Mea Culpa. You have possession, Free Press. My foul. I said I would showcase the best and worst of online newspapers and have so far looked at the worst. By the way, is WFP looking for a cranky reporter who means well but has digital journalism envy?

  3. lol... we're in a bit of a "freeze" state right now. But, email me your stuff.