Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Too cool for school, Part 1

It’s the start of a new school year, and as I look around the class I can spot promising students, hopeless cases and diamonds in the rough.

You, York University! Spit out your gum when you’re on video!

I’ve been looking at Canadian online student newspapers. I won’t mark too hard. I see many of you haven’t updated your site since the spring, but I understand you’ve been off for the summer.

I see potential with “hyperlocal” truly local news and sports content directed to your niche audience — the students.

Some of you want to wax eloquent about international issues. You should know that’s becoming a no-no for “local media” unless there’s a local angle, and the days of writing several thousand words on anything are pretty much over. But you’re young, and it’s healthy to explore. Just make sure your views and research are informed.

Umm, U of Alberta? If The Gateway wants to showcase one person’s views about the value of the Canadian Senate, you need to point out it’s an opinion piece and not offer it as a news article. You’ll have to stay after class.

I see many of you excel at letting students know about social events, but very few of you are using social networking sites. Carlton U, your piece on using apps to buy textbooks was unique, but how many readers actually saw it?

My next two blogs will highlight the best student newspapers online, and offer extra-credit assignments for those of you who are falling behind.

The Hyper Journalist


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