Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Driving you to distraction

It’s a diversion during a morning commute and relief in a boring meeting.

More people are switching to mobile media for their news and entertainment, and that includes up-to-the-minute headlines and updates.

My newsroom is slow to upload information onto our website and distribute it through social media sites. We still file at the end of the day. Stubborn print habits are hard to break, and it’s an efficient way to put off even more readers.

I can divide my newsroom in two groups: Those, like me, who are keen on moving forward but don’t have the technology to do it; and, those who love status quo. (Worst band ever, by the way.)

With hundreds of layoffs in media, it’s a difficult year for journalists to dip into their wallets and invest in mobile Internet devices if their employer doesn’t make one available. On the other hand, I need to keep up with changing trends, and I can’t wait for my workplace to come on board.

As much as I want my union and my employer to see to it that some minimal investments in technology are made, it looks like I’ll have to save my pennies. After all, I don’t think Santa is going to come through with this one.

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