Saturday, September 5, 2009

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

Some newspapers use social media sites to distribute headlines. Might as well use a Blackberry to just order pizza. Both are a tremendous underuse of technology.

I’m trying to find Canadian print journalists using Twitter, starting with, and it’s no easy task. No surprise, I’m finding a lot of technology reporters.

The website for The Huntsville Forester in Ontario, for example, is asking the public for favourite rumours leading up to the G8 Summit in that town next year. Fun idea and great opportunity for social networking, but that media outlet doesn’t appear to be signed up to any networking sites.

The Hamilton Spectator, a much larger urban newspaper in Ontario, not only uses Twitter and Facebook, it created “Jamilton” as a sort of for bands to submit their bios, music and videos.

What a great idea!

People steal each other’s ideas off the Internet all the time. Maybe newspapers should give it a try.

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