Thursday, September 17, 2009

Digg that Squidoo

Trying out different social media sites has me falling on my Posterous.

Feed Me is something I tell others to do. Scuttle is what I’ve done with my plans to become an armchair expert on everything social media.

I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, and hopped on the Twitter train. I FriendFeed. I’m LinkedIn and Delicious, and I’ve even been known to Digg.

I might sign up to the Technorati blog search engine, partly because it sounds like an ancient secret society with its own thing rings. I’ve stumbled upon StumbleUpon where web surfers can rate online sites. Maybe I’ll build an individualized web page with Squidoo. Doubtful I’ll switch from Blogger to Posterous to publish my little tirades.

I’m blown away by the stockpile of bookmarking sites. Blinklist, Simpy, Faves, LinkAGoGo, Backflip (doesn’t consider itself a bookmarking site, but I think it is), Mister Wong, Scuttle, Netvous, Blogmarks, Google and Yahoo bookmarks. Yikes.

Multiply and Bebo are nipping at the big Facebook dog. Digg uses a thumbs up or down “digg or bury” rank to rate content submitted by readers. Others want a piece of that, namely Kirtsy, Reddit, Newsvine, Propeller (prop it or drop it), Mixx, Tip’d for financial news (tip it or topple it), and Yahoo Buzz (buzz up or down).

I sorely want to be a leader in my field, to have news rivals play catch up to find my sources and piggyback on my unique and “hyperlocal” story ideas. But when it comes to social media, I’m content to wait for someone to tell me what the next big thing will be.

Save room on that bandwagon for me.

The Hypo Journalist


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