Wednesday, September 2, 2009

R U on FB? ;)

I did three things before I started this blog on Monday.
I created an e-mail account (, then I went to and created this blog, then I went to Twitter and created a tweet (hyperjournalist).
I didn’t even think twice about it. Create a blog, and then tell people that I’ve created a blog.
I’ve also started a Facebook group.
I wasn’t thinking this way a few years ago. Print journalists didn’t market their work or play such an active role to engage the public.
Social networking is the lifeblood of digital journalism. Talk directly to your audience. Ask questions. Ask for opinions. Accept criticism. Learn to take a compliment.
We’ve always asked for news tips. The difference is now we mean it.
I don’t consider myself a leader in digital journalism and haven’t been doing it nearly as long as others in my field, but it works.
It’s like IKEA furniture. It can be a little frustrating in the beginning, but you eventually figure it out and can end up with something pretty cool.
I feel more tied in with the public. I retweet their events and exchange ideas with them in 140 characters or less. I empathize with their troubles. I celebrate their success.
Some of this — not much — has made it onto my newsroom’s online or print products.
We still demand that people send formal news releases.
“You will jump through our hoops, and you will like it.”
Well, our hoops don’t seem to have a lot of jumpers.
In my experience, people want to work with their local media, but they have options now. If local media tunes out, they’ll turn to something else.
News judgment is still king. Some issues deserve to be scrutinized by a journalist, but many others can be summarized in a few sentences or a photo.
Twitter, blog, phone, e-mail. Who cares how people get in touch with our newsrooms? Digital journalism is the future. People want a reliable and reputable source for impartial local news and information, and that’s something we have over amateur websites and bloggers with a bias.
Our dance card isn’t exactly full these days. Let’s boogie! I, for one, want to be the life of the party.

The Hyper Journalist


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