Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get the @ outta here

If there was any doubt that social media is here to stay, I’ve found examples of American businesses getting rid of e-mail in favour of social networking for workers to interact with each other and their customers.

Hardly a trend, but a brave move and maybe a sign of things to come.

It’s the same in journalism. I work in a newsroom that still relies on tired news releases. I have found far more unique stories following Twitter talk, visiting Facebook groups, reading blogs and talking to people. Now if I can only get my editors on board.

In our market, there’s a concern that building the online product shuts out rural markets that may not have high-speed Internet, and excludes people who don’t have home computers.

It’s a valid concern. We want to build a new fan base, not lose the support we have. But it can’t come at the expense of moving forward.

Even though I’m fairly new at social media, I find myself relying on it more to stay in touch and join conversations. E-mail is still a big part of my day, but I’m growing more fond of the idea of leaving @ behind.

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