Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To be continued . . .

I love a cliffhanger, but seriously some of you have to stop tweeting about the groundbreaking story that will appear in your paper tomorrow.

I’ll let you in on something that is not at all a secret. I’m trying to compile a directory of reporters who are on Twitter, and I’ve barely started. I work all day and drink all night. It’s difficult to fit it into my waking hours.

Whether it’s large urban dailies or small rural weeklies, I’m following some of you who are using social media to hype something that will appear in print on another day.

I’m bombarded with messages that journalism is immediate and social media will help deliver it immediately. You’re stroking that cat backwards by telling me you’ve got a scoop and I can’t have it.

I don’t likely live in your city — lucky you — and it’s doubtful I’ll have a chance to buy that newspaper. So you’re hyping something I can’t get. You have an international audience at your fingertips, and you’re flipping us the Twitter bird by telling us about what we can’t have today.

Save your tweet until you can link us to something useful. Keep using digital to brag about analog and I’ll DM your Twitter handle to every smut account I can find.

Let them tease you for a while.

The Hyper Journalist


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