Friday, October 30, 2009


I get the big picture. It’s the little details that escape me.

For the longest time, I thought <3 was a dirty DM joke. A pair of breasts, a bum, a scrotum and such. Turns out it’s a heart; a gesture of affection.

Clearly, I’m not getting the lingo.

It’s not that I use Internet abbreviations. But if I’m going to use social media as an acceptable voyeuristic tool to find out what’s on someone’s mind, I need to crack their codes.

I looked up acronyms and was shocked at how many codes for kids to let chatroom buddies know if parents are in the room, or to give instructions about getting naked in front of the web camera. That would be hilarious if that wasn’t so creepy.

During summer festivals, there was little distinction between bands that were shit and others that were the shit.

Doubtful I’ll ever share a <3 in my tweets, but it will totally change the mood in the messages that I get from now on.

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