Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Missing my deadline to meet yours

There’s more pressure than ever to trade content, but some diners at this party are taking more than their share and leaving the rest of us hungry.

Online news has been a great help in my newsroom to seize copy from media outlets that are a bit stingy when it comes to sharing the goods. The less copy there is to work with, the longer the shift is to try and fill those news holes.

I’ve missed layout deadlines by scraping the bottom of the empty news barrel. One night I decided to raid the websites of my greedy sister online papers to get the content that they’re hoarding.

I detest seeing my newsroom’s website littered with wire copy, yet it’s a lifesaver to scavenge news from sister online papers to fill the nuisance print product.

Shoplifting their photos isn’t so easy with editors finally learning to upload smaller files that can’t be reproduced in print.

For all our faults, my media outlet is pretty good at posting copy and photos early enough to be used in other papers. While I’m making it easy for them go to press, I’m burning the midnight oil trying to beat the clock.

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